Friday, 5 October 2012

Dash To Madayipara

Madayi Vadukunnu Siva temple

It was a lazy Thursday morning. For a jobless B-Tech graduate, every day is a lazy day, never mind. It was about 9.45AM, I was still on my bed waiting for the morning session of my sleeping to start. Then my friend Nakul called me, he said,”Get ready,we have to go to Madayipara”. I said, “What? Without any preparation?”. Then Nakul said, “ What? Do you need to consult an astrologer to set the time for a casual road trip? Take the camera and meet me at Kannur in an hour”. 

Our Ride

I said okay, because he had the car and I don’t have to pay for petrol. The only thing I need to spend is time and I had plenty of it. Jumped out of my bed (Don’t remember I brushed that day) went to bathroom and was ready in 15 minutes. Grabbed my camera, got to Kannur, jumbed into the car and we set off.

Madayipara Temple Lake

It took about an hour for us to reach Madayipara. It is about 30 Km from Kannur City. Madayipara is nothing but a flat hill-top with a blanket of green grass (During the rainy season) or golden dry grass (During summer). We went there in September which is in the rainy season, so we got to see the greenery of Madayipara. The place is about 6Km from Pazhayangadi, the nearest town.

We got down near the famous Madayi Vadukunnu Siva Temple. The temple is set on top of the hillock with surrounding grasslands and temple lake. Madayipara is world famous for its blue little flower locally known as ‘Kakka Poo’ (Botanical Name: Utricularia reticulata). During the rainy season, these flowers will bloom all around the grasslands giving a violet tint to the whole hillock. The view is spectacular, it is as if the whole hill top is covered with a blue blanket. To see the Kakka Poo of Madayipara, you will have to visit the place between June and September. By mid September, the flowers will start fading away.

Kakka Poo of Madayipara

Madayipara is beautiful even during the summer, with its golden coloured grasslands. This makes Madayipara a year round tourist destination. It is one of the most visited tourist spots in Kannur district. Unlike other tourist places in Kannur, Madayipara is more or less like Ooty or Wagamon, the only thing missing is the cold weather.

A Typical Sight At Madayipara

Lot of temples are around the area. Madayi Bhagavathi temple is the most important of all. If you want to witness the temple festivals, you need to come here during Janurary-February. I can’t give the exact dates, because it change every year. There is a view point in Madayipara which opens the door to the real beauty of Kuppam river and the distant Pazhayangadi Town. The view point is close to Madayi Kotta. Madayi Kotta is nothing but the remains of an ancient building. An ancient temple pond called Bhoothakulam will take you back to hundreds of years. Bhoothakulam is still untouched and is said to have mystical powers.

Madayipara Grasslands

The beauty of Madayi grasslands is undescribable. Madayipara is truly the best tourist spot in Kannur. We returned from madayipara by 6PM and reached Kannur by 7.30pm. On my way back to home, I thought I should have gone there before. Madayipara has already taken a special place in my heart.

Madayipara Travel Info

Location: Madayi,Kannur,Kerala,India
Nearest Town/City: Kannur
Distance From Nearest City: 30 Km
Attractions: Hillock, Grasslands, Temples
Road Condition: Good
Safety Issues: None
Emergency: Dial 100 from your mobile
Morld Travel Ratings: 8/10
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Down here are some of the photos I clicked at Madayipara

Madayi Siva Temple
Madayi Grasslands
Distant View of Kuppam River And Pazhayangadi Town
Electricity Sub Station At Madayipara

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Kerala Style Fish Chilly Curry Or Meen Mulakittath

Kerala Style Fish Chilly or Meen Mulakittath
Kerala Fish Chilly Curry

Fish chilly curry or Meen Mulakittath is an important part of Malayali's food menu. Meen mulakilittath/Fish chilly curry is one of the most common type of fish curry you can see on any Malayali's dining table. You can make chilly fish curry in just 20 odd minutes and the recipes are pretty simple as well. To make kerala style fish chilly curry, here I am using Veloori ( White Sardine), you can use any other kind of fish to make this curry.

Veloori Mulakilittath Recipe ( Recipe for a family of four)
Veloori  Mulakilittath
Veloori Mulakilittath

Green Chilly- 1or 2 according to your requirement
Ginger- 1 small piece
Garlic- 6 small pieces (Allikal)
Turmeric- Half teaspoon
Tamarind- According to your need, a small piece will do
Curry leaves- According to your need
Salt-As needed
Coconut oil- 1 teaspoon

Clean and cut the fish. Apply salt, turmeric and chilly powder on the fish and leave it to marinate for about 15 min. Cut tomato, green chilly, ginger and garlic into small pieces along with some tamarind juice and half cup of water. Boil it for about 5 min and then squeeze the tomato pieces to get their juices out. This will make the curry more viscous. Now add the fish pieces that were left to marinate into the bowl and boil for another 5 minutes. Add curry leaves and spray one teaspoon of coconut oil over the curry. That's it, your Veloori Mulakilitath/ Kerala fish chilly curry is ready.

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Journey To Poomala, Thrissur

Poomala Dam Walkway

To Poomala, now it is a family trip. Poomala was not actually in our plans. We went to Thrissur for Guruvayur Temple Visit as my mother had some offerings to do to Lord Guruvayurappan. We reached Guruvayur by evening and took a huge family room in a hotel near Guruvayur Temple. Next day, after the temple visits and offerings, we were left with some spare time. So we decided to visit some of the nearest tourist spots. Me and brother went into hot discussions about the best tourist spots near Guruvayur and Thrissur. Finally we decided to visit Poomala dam.

Poomala Dam Lake

Poomala dam is about 15 Kms from Thrissur town, it is not a big dam, but its beauty is as good as any place in the world. The ever strectching greenery, grasslands,waterfalls and the dam water is really a must see. Once you enter the Poomala road, the whole geography changes and it looks as if everything has put on a green coat. It is so beautiful. The road stretches all the way to the dam area but to have a real feel of nature you have to walk. Park your vehicle at the beginning of the Poomala Park and then walk along the side of the dam. The whole area is absolutely mind blowing, the lonely tree in the grasslands and the waters behind, is a photographer’s dream.

Road To Poomala Dam

Once you reach the dam, you can get down to the a small waterfall area of the dam. If you are really interested, you can have a bath in the icy cold waters, but with the consent of the dam personnel. There is also one important thing you should see, which I unfrotunately missed out on my journey. There is a Saint Cave also known as Muniara at Poomala. Muniara is a place where once a saint meditated. Poomala is about 100m above sealevel. The best time to visit Poomala is from October-May. The whole place will be so green, which is a spectacular sight.

Poomala Waterfalls

Poomala Travel Info

Location: Poomala,Thrissur,Kerala india
Nearest Town/City: Thrissur
Distance From Nearest City: 15 Km
Attractions: Dam, Grass Lands, Ancient Saint Cave (Muniara)
Road Condition: Good
Safety Issues: Be careful while getting down to the waterfall, the rocks are slippery.
Emergency: Dial 100 from your mobile
Morld Travel Ratings: 8/10
Locate Poomala Dam on GoogleMap

Dam Walkway On A Sunny Day

Monday, 27 August 2012

How To Make Kerala Style Fish Fry (Nadan Fish Fry)

In order to make a good kerala style fish fry, you need to have some big fish such as pomfret (Avoli) or Neymeen (Ayakkura).  Here I am going to give the recipe for Nadan Aavoli Fry. You can replace Avoli with any other type of fish you have.


Chilli Powder: 2.5 Teaspoon
Turmeric Powder: 2 Teaspoon
Salt: As needed

First make a paste of chilli powder,turmeric,salt and paste it well on the fish pieces. Bigger the fish piece, the better. Now allow it to marinate for at least half an hour. Let the masala blend with the fish. Then fry the fish with coconut oil on a non-stick pan. Each side of the fish should be fried for at least 10 minutes. Adjust the timing depending upon how well the fish is fried.

If you want some extra masala with avoli fry, make a mix of onion,garlic and curry leaves separately. Fry them on the same fry pan on which the fish is fried. Now add the separately fried masala to the fried fish. Yummy Kerala Style Avoli Fish Fry Is Ready !

Saturday, 18 August 2012

An Evening At The Kuthuparamba Municipal Stadium

It was a nice Saturday evening, the eve of Ramzan, people were all in the streets busy buying clothes,sweets and stuffs needed for Ramzan day. It was about 5pm when I reached Kuthuparamba, the streets were absolutely packed with people and vehicles. No place to park my vehicle, after circling around the Kuthuparamba Bus Stand, I decided to go to the Stadium hoping to find some place to park my vehicle. At last I found some place to sneek in my car. It was right next to Kuthuparamba Stadium. It was overcast, monsoon finally found the way home I guess. A nice breeze was blowing across the ground, kids were enjoying their Ramzan holidays. Some of them were at the ground playing football. I stopped and watched their game for a while. Seeing their game, I wondered why India is not a football nation. I mean, there is no shortage for talent here, but there is shortage for opportunity. The infrastructure for football in India is not promising.

The kids were displaying their soccer skills and some guys really impressed me. Their shouting, laughing and fighting made me remember my school days. In my school days, I was the defender of my Class team and in my whole career of 5 years in my class team, I have only one goal to boast off. And boy o boy, wasn't I happy after scoring that goal. I threw in a party, even though my team lost that game. When memories were going through my mind, I heard a whistle, it was the referee and kids stopped their game and went into the dressing room. 

Kuthuparamba stadium is situated right next to the Kuthuparamba Bus Stand and this stadium has given birth to lot of great footballers . Hunters Football Club kuthuparamba is the home team. Hunters Club is a famous football club in Kerala and they have won many trophies in the local league.

See Kuthuparamba Municipal Stadium On Google Map

Photos: Taken using Nokia C6 5MP Camera

Sunday, 12 August 2012

Arippara Waterfalls Info

I am pretty sure that, you might be hearing about Arippara Waterfalls for the first time and that is why you googled it. It is not among the famous waterfalls in Kerala nor is it a popular tourist destination. If you want some private time with your family or friends, arippara falls is the best. Not many people would be there and you can have some quality time with your close ones. When we went there, that was in the last summer, nobody was there. We spent a whole day swimming, fishing and having fun in the water. It was awesome, it felt like the whole waterfall area was ours and we enjoyed to the maximum.

Arippara waterfall is on one of the tributaries of Iruvanjipuzha, which itself is a real spectacle with crystal clear water splashing down the gulley and rocks. If you are of the adventurous type, you can trek deep into the stream and forest but have your safety gear intact before jumping in. Arippara, Anakkampoyil waterfalls is situated in Kozhikode District of Kerala. It is about 45 Kms from Kozhikode City. You can board KSRTC buses from Kozhikode to reach Anakkampoyil and a bit of walking will take you to the falls.

The best time to visit Arippara is between November-May, it is not recommended to visit the falls during monsoon because there is a danger of floods. Always be wary of the strength of the water, don’t venture out too much into the water unless you are an expert swimmer. The undercurrents can be pretty strong even during summer. If you have kids and ladies accompanying you, let them have fun in the shallows otherwise it can be dangerous. Being an expert swimmer myself, I was caught in the under currents only to be rescued by my friends.

Arippara Waterfalls in one of the unexplored waterfalls of Kerala, it not in the Tourism Map of Kerala. Arippara still remains undisturbed and unexplored waiting to be explored by adventure seekers. The cool breeze and the crystal clear waters of Arippara is waiting for you.

Arippara Waterfalls Tourist Info

Location: Anakkampoyil,Kozhikode,Kerala,India
Nearest Town/City: Kozhikode
Distance From Nearest City: 45 Km
Attractions: Waterfalls, Forest
Road Condition: Okay
Safety Issues: Under Currents
Emergency: Dial 100 from your mobile
Morld Travel Ratings: 6/10
Locate Arippara Waterfalls on Google Map

Note: I apologize for not posting the photos of the Waterfalls which is why you are here, I somehow lost those pictures from my hard disk, sorry for the inconvenience.

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