Saturday, 18 August 2012

An Evening At The Kuthuparamba Municipal Stadium

It was a nice Saturday evening, the eve of Ramzan, people were all in the streets busy buying clothes,sweets and stuffs needed for Ramzan day. It was about 5pm when I reached Kuthuparamba, the streets were absolutely packed with people and vehicles. No place to park my vehicle, after circling around the Kuthuparamba Bus Stand, I decided to go to the Stadium hoping to find some place to park my vehicle. At last I found some place to sneek in my car. It was right next to Kuthuparamba Stadium. It was overcast, monsoon finally found the way home I guess. A nice breeze was blowing across the ground, kids were enjoying their Ramzan holidays. Some of them were at the ground playing football. I stopped and watched their game for a while. Seeing their game, I wondered why India is not a football nation. I mean, there is no shortage for talent here, but there is shortage for opportunity. The infrastructure for football in India is not promising.

The kids were displaying their soccer skills and some guys really impressed me. Their shouting, laughing and fighting made me remember my school days. In my school days, I was the defender of my Class team and in my whole career of 5 years in my class team, I have only one goal to boast off. And boy o boy, wasn't I happy after scoring that goal. I threw in a party, even though my team lost that game. When memories were going through my mind, I heard a whistle, it was the referee and kids stopped their game and went into the dressing room. 

Kuthuparamba stadium is situated right next to the Kuthuparamba Bus Stand and this stadium has given birth to lot of great footballers . Hunters Football Club kuthuparamba is the home team. Hunters Club is a famous football club in Kerala and they have won many trophies in the local league.

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Photos: Taken using Nokia C6 5MP Camera

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