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Peruvannamuzhi Travel Info

If you search for the top travel destinations in Kerala, Peruvannamuzhi may not feature in that list. If you take the list of top tourist spots in Calicut, Peruvannamuzhi will most probably be at the top. 

What makes Peruvannamuzhi so special? Peruvannamuzhi is a small village in Kozhikode District of Kerala, India. Peruvannamuzhi is about 60 kms from Kozhikode City. You can reach Kozhikode by road,rail or by air. 60km road trip from Kozhikode city will take you to the village of Peruvannamuzhi. It is not an active tourist spot. Set amid the beautiful green hills, it will give you enough privacy to enjoy the beauty of a typical Kerala countryside.

If you are planning to visit Kozhikode, include Peruvannamuzhi in your list. Most of the tourist destinations in Kerala are overcrowded, not Peruvannamuzhi. Peruvannamuzhi is popular for its local tourists i.e. people coming from the nearby districts. So it will give you, the much needed privacy. 

The main attraction of Peruvannamuzhi is its dam. Peruvannamuzhi dam is well maintained to attract tourists. Most of the islands near the dam are flourishing with wildlife. You can’t expect to see wild animals at Peruvannamuzhi, but there are so many exotic species of birds in the area. At Peruvannamuzhi Kerala Forest department runs a crocodile farm to protect the endangered crocodiles. Peruvannamuzhi River once had huge number of fresh water crocs, their numbers decreased rapidly due to human intervention. Now they are grown in a protected environment.

If you are at Peruvannamuzhi don’t limit your visit to the dam, feel free to venture into the village roads, you will see even better scenic spots. Don’t worry about security (If you are coming from other state or country), this place if perfectly safe, and no issues. If you are planning to visit Peruvannamuzhi, bring food, water and other essentials with you. Accommodation facilities are very limited and you will have to stay at Kozhikode.

Peruvannamuzhi Tourist Info

Location: Kozhikode,Kerala,India
Nearest Town/City: Kozhikode
Distance From Nearest City: 60Km
Attractions: Dam,Scenery,Hills,River,Streams
Road Condition: Good
Security Issues: None
Emergency: Dial 100 from your mobile
Morld Travel Ratings: 5/10

Locate Peruvannamuzhi Dam on Google Map

Peruvannamuzhi Photos 

A view of the Peruvannamuzhi Dam

Kuttiady Irrigation Project Salient Features

Blue water lily from the nearby pond

Peruvannamuzhi Dam Water View

View of Peruvannamuzhi Reservoir

Nearby Tourist Attractions

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