Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Peanut Masala Fry or Nilakadala Varuthath

 Peanut masala fry or Nilakadala Varuthath is a great healthy snack idea for kids. Kids are going to love this snack. Peanut masala fry is a snack which won't take more than 10 minutes to cook. It is an ideal quick snack for the evening.

Peanut Masala Fry or Nilakadala Varuthath Recipe

Peanut - 250g

Coconut oil - 3 teaspoon

Salt - as required ( 3/4 teaspoon will be enough)

Red chilly powder - 3 teaspoon

Curry leaves - 5 leaves

Garlic - 3 pieces (Use only if you like the smell of it)

Peanut Masala Fry

Take a medium sized kadai (cheenachatti), put it on the flame. Let the kadai become reasonably hot. Now add 3 teaspoon of coconut oil, wait until the oil is really hot. Now put 250g peanut into the kadai and stir it. Make the oil spread evenly on all peanut pieces. Let it cook for about 3-5 minutes, stir it occasionally to prevent over burning peanuts. Now add salt as required, add 3 teaspoon of chilly powder as well. Stir the peanuts to spread the salt and chilly powder evenly. Stir it for about 3 minutes. Now add curry leaves and garlic pieces and stir. Leave it to  cook for another 2 minutes with occasional stirring. Switch off the flame.

Once the cooking is over, allow the peanuts to cool off for about 20 minutes. Don't place a lid over the kadai as the peanuts will reabsorb the moisture and will lose its crispiness. So keep the kadai open till the peanuts are cooled. After it is cooled, you can either serve it or keep in a closed container. Peanut masala fry is an easy to make Indian snack, it is healthy, tasty and fun to eat, especially while watching movies.

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Darshan Timings of Kadampuzha Bhagavathy Temple

This is a very time specific post. Here I am talking about the Darshan Timings in the morning for the upcoming couple of months. Since there is a renovation work going on at the Kadambuzha Temple, darshan timing in the morning will be till 8am and it will remain closed till evening. Renovation work of Kadambuzha temple will continue for couple of months and the darshan time will remain the same throughout the renovation period.

Thursday, 7 February 2013

Behind The Bars, Waiting For 'Freedom', Which Might Never Show Up

Couple of days ago I paid a visit to Parassinikkadavu Snake Park. It was a fun trip with family, I was going through the sights at the park. Snakes,snakes and snakes one after the other, I was getting bored. Then came the monkeys, crocs, owls, peacocks and many more.  Then I came across the cage of a group of Brahmini Kites (Haliastur Indus) also known as the Red-backed Sea-eagle in Australia. There were six of them, five of them were sitting at the tree trunk. But one of them was near the cage bars. It took my eye because the kite was extremely calm and had a melancholic look to it.

He looked serious; his eyes had some fire in it. His eyes told me a million stories of captive suffering all at once. His desire for freedom was incredible. He didn’t give much attention to the visitors, seemed he was pretty much used to people visiting him. Couple of kids was screaming seeing him so close, he wasn’t fazed by it at all.

I am not sure whether he will be able to explore the sky anymore, but I hope that God will be kind enough to give him another chance. I don’t know whether he was caught from the wild or was born in the park. Either way he knows what the word ‘freedom’ means, so he must be from the wild. I want him out, such was the fire in his eyes. I will visit the park again in a few months, just to see whether he will be still sitting there, waiting………

Thursday, 31 January 2013

Camel Mountain Backpacks: An Inexpensive Backpack For Long Trips

If you are looking for an inexpensive but durable backpack, I will suggest you to try Camel Mountain backpacks. I am not advertising for Camel Mountain in any way and this is not a sponsored post. Everything is based on my personal experience. I bought the bag you see in picture for Rs.900 . It is a very useful bag as it can carry my clothes,laptops,cameras and other accessories and yet look compact. I normally carry 5 shirts,2 T-shirts, 3 Pants, 4 Underwear  5 Inner  5 Handkerchiefs, My laptop, chargers for laptop,camera and mobile phone. Even after packing all these, there will be space left for another 3 pair of clothes. 
Camel Mountain Backpack Review
This bag is spacious and comfortable on shoulders. If you go for top brands you will have to shell out at least Rs.5000. I have been using this bag for around 3 months and is still in pretty good shape,no worries. I am very much satisfied with it.

Sunday, 27 January 2013

Parassinikkadavu Snake Park Tourist Information

Parassinikkadavu is well known for its Sree Muthappan Temple. It is also famous for its Snake Park. Parassinikadavu Muthappan Temple is one of the most famous temples in Kerala and Parassinikadavu Snake Park lies just a few kilometers away. Actually the snake park is on the way to the Temple. So most tourists who visit Muthappan Temple will also visit the Snake Park. The entry fees for an adult is Rs.15 and for children below 10 is Rs.10. If you want to take photos or videos, you will have to pay an extra Rs.25. The park will be open from 9.30am to 5.30pm.

There are a variety of poisonous and non-poisonous snakes in the park. Cobras, King Cobras,Kraits,Python,Viper,Pit Viper you name it, everything is there. Actually the snake park is a part of the Visha Chikilsa Kendra, where snake bite victims are treated. You can also watch a snake show which normally takes place around 3pm in the evening, where an instructor teaches you about the importance of protecting snakes.

In addition to the huge variety of snakes, you can also see a lot of other wild animals including crocodiles, lion-tailed monkeys, eagles, tortoises, wild cats etc. It is not a huge park, you normally require about one and a half hours to cover the whole park. You can have snacks and ice creams from a parlor inside the park.

The park is situated right next to the Kannur Ayurveda Medical College, so it won’t be too hard to spot. If you are coming from Kannur side, you have to take a right turn at a place called Dharmasala. The park is around 16Kms away from Kannur Town. The great thing about Parassinikadavu is that it is a place for every generation. You have the temple for elder ones, Vismaya water theme park for younger generation and the snake park, for all generations. That is why Parassinikadavu is one of the most visited tourist destination in Kannur.

Parassinikadavu Snake Park Travel Info

Location: Parassinikadavu,Kannur,Kerala,India
Nearest Town/City: Kannur
Distance from nearest City: 16Kms
Attractions: Snakes and Wildlife
Road Condition: Excellent (as on 27/1/13)
Safety Issues: Be careful with children venturing too close to the cages

Emergency: Call 100 for Police and 101 for Ambulance
Nearby Tourist attractions: Parassinikadavu Muthappan Temple (4Kms), Vismaya water theme park (2Kms) , Madayippara (18Kms)
Morld Travel Ratings: 5/10
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